Terra Labyrinth

Terra Labyrinth is an upcoming dungeon crawler where you complete quests to reach the next area. It mixes short and long-term progression with abilities that allow you to traverse your current run (a-la Metroid) and unlockables you can bring to every run.

Each run systematically randomizes both room generation and item upgrades, so no two runs are the same- use your skill to find your way through to the end of the labyrinth and retain your spoils for the next dip into Terra Labyrinth!

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Trailer music by Blake Speers. Follow his Twitter here: MirasBrush



  • Action-Platformer combat inspired by Zelda II and Castlevania.
  • Five areas with different enemies, rooms, and upgrades.
  • Find new abilities to progress through current (and previous) areas.
  • Randomized quest system that gives each run a new twist.
  • Permanent character upgrades and items to choose between every run.